Our Mission

9H Energy is a high-tech clean energy development company currently conducting feasibility studies on the potential construction of a utility-scale solar facility and hyper-scale data centers on a portion of the co-founders private 51,000-acre 9H Ranch.

In line with Governor Mark Gordon’s WIN Initiative, 9H is focused on building Wyoming based businesses that attract industry by providing them with solar energy, abundant Wyoming natural gas, a skilled workforce, and state tax incentives

Our teaM

Dedicated to delivering Success

We are a passionate group of experienced entrepreneurs and established corporate leaders focused on building a business that provides financial and environmental advantages for expanding operation to the state of Wyoming while providing a positive impact on the community.


9H - UW Partnership

“The 9H Energy project represents an amazing opportunity for students and faculty from the University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Applied Science to be closely involved in the cutting edge large-scale renewable energy installation. UW CEAS grad Gene Humphrey, who has been very successful in his career, wants to give back to UW, and in particular wants to build this facility near the UW campus with maximum participation of students and faculty from UW. While a typical commercial for-profit installation of this size would never have opportunities like this, Gene is perfectly willing to adjust the overall design, as it is developed and installed, to better facilitate research, student involvement, and general benefit to the UW and CEAS community. 

CEAS is very fortunate to have Gene Humphrey and the 9H Energy team so dedicated to working with the college. There is no other project like this in the world!” 

-Cameron Wright, Dean of Engineering and Applied Science